Monday, April 30, 2007

dos mil dolares

Do you ever just have certain phrases go through your head all day? It's like having a song stuck in your head, but instead it's just a phrase. Actually for me it's not even a phrase, just a random collection of words. And today's winner is: "dos mil dolares"

I've been saying that in my head all evening. I have no idea doesn't even really make sense. It's nothing we used in Spanish any time lately (or maybe never, at least not in that combination). Sometimes my phrases are in English and sometimes they're in French and sometimes they're in Spanish. I guess I just find combinations of words that sound nice together or that have a musical quality in my head, so I repeat them over and over. dos mil dolares.


I just want to go to bed...

I don't want to do the rest of my homework; I don't want to take care of my house, or clean Nellie's cage, or anything...I just want to sleep. I got sick last week, and I'm still working on getting over it, and the only thing that sounds good right now is to sleep. I wish I could use that as an excuse to not do my homework, but that's not has to get done before I get anymore behind than I already am. Actually, it's really only my Art History papers that are a problem. I'm dominating in Math and Spanish!! I'm dominating in Art History too, but I just have trouble wanting to do the papers. We have weekly short papers that are basically just busy work to show our teacher that we're learning something and to give him something besides the quizzes to base our grades on. They're no big deal and he even lets us turn them in late because he wants us to get the points, but I often use that as an excuse to not get them done (I keep telling myself "Oh, I'll just turn it in on Thursday") and then they pile up (sort of like the dishes!!!) So I have two to do tonight instead of just the one, and I don't feel like working on them :(

Right now Stephen and Shadow are taking a nap together on the couch and I really want to join them!

Enough of my whining...I'll just have to buck up and face the work. On a more fun note: I've been drawing floor plans and making up designs for houses. It's all just for fun but I love it!!! I spent hours this week drawing and fixing and figuring how it would all lay out. Floor plans have been a fettish of mine for awhile (I sometimes spend an hour or two looking through various websites), and so I finally decided to pull the ideas I've been holding in my imagination out and actually put them all together into whole houses. I know...I'm a little strange! I think it'd be fun sometime to take some architecture classes...we'll see!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Friends and Weirdness

Last night Stephen and I went over to Jan and Jon's (another married couple we're becoming friends with) house for dinner. It was a good time and Stephen finally had someone to talk "guitar" to; today I found Stevo had gotten his guitar out and started playing again, big surprise! It's good that they both had each other to inspire them to start playing more often. Jan and Jon are older (late 20's or 30ish, I'm not sure) but they don't have kids yet (one on the way), so it was still comfortable and fun to have some friends to hang out with. We went to another couple's house (Ashley and Phil) for dinner a few weeks ago with Jenny and Clay and we all stayed way later than any of us should have!! We need to have Jenny and Clay over again sometime soon for's been way too long. But maybe this time we'll invite some of the other couples over too. There's also my friend Mandy who went to school here until she got married and moved to California; she's living back here with her mom while Josh (her husband) is in Iraq. I've been meaning to contact her to see if she wants to hang out sometime...I'm sure she could use some funtime!

I had another weird dream last night. I dreamed I had a baby (I'm not pregnant though, nobody worry)! It was an absolutely painless delivery that took about five minutes and then I just had this tiny, I think premature, baby that I didn't know what to do with. I was with my mom and siblings (for some reason Stevo wasn't there or my dad), but we were at my old church and no one would help me know what to do, and I didn't have any diapers or blankets or anything (besides what the baby was handed to me with). And I kept trying to find somewhere to be alone with my baby boy but there were people everywhere, including Calvin Winder who was actually helping me the most (by the way for Alyssa and Amy, he's getting married). Weird stuff! I think it was just from being around Jan last night; they were going to get to find out what they're having today, and we were talking about Jenny and Clay finding out what they're having (Jenny and Jan are due one day apart!!). But I've been weirded out about that dream all day!

The Days Roll On...

I just feel kind of blah today. I can usually judge what kind of mood I'm in by what I decide to wear in the morning. Well today I started off with a cute outfit that I look good in and the whole she-bang; I even did my hair and left it down. I change a few times and ended up leaving the house in a t-shirt, jeans, and my comfy/grungy/unattractive gray hoodie--with no intention of ever taking it off, I might add. If I opt to wear my sweatshirt, we know it's not a great day!! Despite my choice of attire, my day hasn't been too bad...but Stephen and I both haven't been feeling very well.

We had a nice weekend, though. The first weekend in a long time that Stephen didn't have to work (besides when we've gone on trips and whatnot), so we just relaxed at home. Stevo mowed the lawn for the first time of this season (it was probably close to a foot long in the backyard) and now it looks beautiful!! The bushes are blooming, the trees are blossoming, and we even found a few tulips hiding in the back...including a couple RED ones :) Stephen cut one and brought it in to me as a surprise. Here are some other flowers he brought me:

You can't see how pretty they are here, but I like the lighting in this picture

And this is a view I enjoy when I sit on our front steps--I love looking through our willow tree to see our neighbor's old "classic" car across the street

Monday, April 16, 2007

Computer Issues

Yeah, so the computer has been giving us some trouble. It hadn't been running very well for quite a while, so Stephen reinstalled and fixed and cleaned things up. But then I couldn't get Blogger to work for me, so I haven't been able to post anything for a few weeks. I think we've got it figured out now, so hopefully I can post a little more regularly.

Stephen started his new job last week and seems to enjoy it, and he had his last day at the hotel yesterday!! He was super excited to be done there :) It'll be really different and nice to have him home for the next few weekends, but I think that will make it a little bit harder to get my Saturday cleaning done now.

Today there are auditions for the spring plays (these are student written/directed short plays). I may or may not audition; I'm still not sure. Stephen may or may not be interested too; he's not sure either. He'll be working today so he'll miss auditions, but there's the chance some of the directors could ask him to come to callbacks tomorrow if they're interested in casting him.

Not much else happening here. It's still raining...I'm aching for some sunny days! But at least the tulips are blooming now. I love tulips, especially the red ones...they are one of my favorite types of flowers!! Yesterday was my nephew Benjamin's birthday...4 years old. I called him and it was so fun to talk to him; he's such a little cutie! He wanted me to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, and he was so excited to tell me that he got to have "two birthdays" (a birthday party with his little friends on Saturday, and cake/presents with my family on Sunday).

That's about it...have a great Monday!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Boredom Montage

I always feel like I have nothing to share. Nothing new or interesting going on, just the same old stuff. I wish I had pictures to share or something important to write about, but life just isn't usually that exciting. My house is fairly clean right now (that's what spring break is good for) so that makes me feel good. Stephen is working and I'm bored here at home.

Shadow is in a fiesty and restless mood right now...getting into lots of trouble! He usually gets this way around this time of night. He's been sleeping all afternoon and evening so now he's waking up and getting crazy. I should probably feed him; that might calm him down some..........Ok, I took care of the cat!

I just don't feel like doing anything right now...I just want to sit and play computer games. I'm homesick for Fallon and both my families there. And I'm missing my sisters (that includes my Robin-sister)! Springtime always seems to make me miss home...or maybe it's just the amount of time between visits (we were there in December and I'm already for another visit...I'm so pathetic!). Actually I really just want someone to come visit us here; I enjoy showing my family and friends our beautiful area here.

My daffodils outside still haven't all bloomed. A few have, but most of them haven't gotten enough sun to open up (they've sure had plenty of water!). Last night I went to WalMart and just browsed (I know WalMart isn't the most exciting, but it's the best we have here)!! It was so relaxing and fun. Stephen was at work so I just had some alone time and looked at anything and everything that interested me. I almost brought home a fish for Stephen, but I thought I'd better talk to him first. I love having pets :) I just can't help it! But if we did get a fish, we'd probably have to keep it in the bedroom so Shadow wouldn't eat it.

Well, I suppose I've rambled on a bit too long for a post of random boredom. Maybe I'll play a game. Oh...and a very happy birthday to Janet tomorrow!!!