Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No More Excuses

Okay, so it's been a long time. And I really have had no excuse not to update since April. To be completely honest, I've just been really down and depressed and haven't felt like blogging because I really don't have anything interesting going on. But I just need to get over it and try to be social again. So I can at least tell everyone about the big changes we've had (the biggest of all being that Stephen and I have moved down to Reno, NV).

In February, I spent a week in Wyoming at a regional acting festival, and I competed in the Irene Ryan competition for the third time, this time as Colby's partner. I much preferred being a partner rather than being the nominee, and I really felt like Colby and I had a great performance. Alas, we didn't make it to the semi-finals, but we really did the best we could.

The month of March was honestly one of the busiest times of my life. I was in a very time-consuming play one week, the next week was finals (and now Stephen and I have both officially finished our Associates of Arts Honors degrees!!!), and then the last week was spent working extra hours (right up to the day before we moved) and packing, packing, packing. It was a little hectic! Thank goodness for my mom coming the week of my play and helping me pack and for Stephen's parents coming to help us move. We really couldn't have gotten everything done without them all.

Part of getting ready to move was getting a vehicle that's a little more snow-worthy. The Mustang could barely handle rain, so driving in Nevada's snowy winters was out of the question. So before we moved, Stephen and I traded in the sleek Mustang for a used Toyota 4Runner and we're really happy with our purchase.
One last trip to the water before we headed back to dry NV.

We lived in Washington for almost 3 years and this was my first time seeing tidepools. It was so neat!!!

We moved down to Fallon temporarily while we waited for our apartment to open up. Stephen's dad owns his (Stephen's) great-grandparents old house and didn't have anyone renting it at the time, so we got to stay there for free! Shadow got into this weird habit for the few weeks we lived there...he would crawl under a blanket on the couch and sleep there all day, every day. Then as soon as we moved up to Reno, he stopped doing weird!

Stephen and I love our new apartment!!! It's walking distance to UNR so we won't have to juggle our one car or pay for a parking pass. It's just the right size for us (and it's even bigger than our last house), and it's surrounded by pine trees with a beautiful view out to the mountains. We're so happy with it! I'll try to take and post a picture of the view sometime soon.

Thanks to a "going-away" Safeway's gift card from our good friends, we were able to fill our fridge with all sorts of delicious foods.

Our first meal in the new place...spaghetti and meatballs and artichokes, mmmm!

And as you can see, Shadow has been doing a lot of sleeping (and looking mighty cute). His new favorite spot is on the swivel chair (in the 2nd picture); he sleeps there everyday and gets a little upset whenever someone else is sitting there. I guess he thinks he owns that chair!

Stephen is all signed up for classes for the summer and fall at UNR, and the plan is for me to work full-time while he finishes his education. Problem is...I haven't had much luck finding a job. I've been hunting for almost two months now and I've applied for almost 40 jobs, but no one seems to want me. I really thought it would be easy for me to get hired with all the experience I have, but I've been unpleasantly surprised. Hence, the depression in my life and the reason I have no more excuses to not be blogging. I have nothing to do all day except laze around. It was fun and relaxing for the first few weeks, but now it just makes me feel blah. But some amazing job is bound to present itself soon, right? I'm just glad we've had some money saved to live on for awhile.