Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Taco Bar

This way you'll all be able to understand what I was talking about.

Catching Up

It's been awhile...I've wanted to post, but I just haven't felt like taking the time to sit down and do it. (I've been on here lots, though, checking everyone else's blogs) I had a wonderful birthday on the 9th, probably one of my favorite birthdays I've had! We didn't do much of anything exciting and didn't do much for presents, but it was just a really nice day and Stephen made it very special for me (plus the sun came out and made a beautiful, warm day...just for me!).

I had to work for a couple hours in the morning but Stevo talked me into skipping classes so that we'd have more time to play. I asked him if he would tidy up the living room for me while I was at work so that it would at least feel somewhat clean. I came home to find that he had not only done what I'd asked, but also vacuumed, mopped the kitchen, picked some of our lilacs and put them on the table, and wrapped and set out all the presents and cards I'd received!! It was such a surprise and really sweet of him. I opened up presents, including one from Shadow and Nellie (supposedly) that was a 6-pack of bottled grape soda--my "alcohol" for my 21st birthday :)

Also when I came home, Stephen told me he was going to take me to the bar that night (which sort of freaked me out) and told me to open up the fridge. Inside was a container with a sticky note that said "The Bar"; and then inside was another sticky note that said "The Taco Bar." While I was at work, he had gotten part of dinner ready; I'd requested favorite. He'd chopped up all the toppings and put them in our compartmented container so that all he'd have to do would be to cook the meat that night. It was funny and sweet and a nice surprise.
After presents, we drove over to Sequim, had lunch at Burger King and went to Dairy Queen to pick up an ice-cream cake. I've never had one for my own birthday, so Stephen specifically wanted to get me one (we had to go to Sequim because our Dairy Queen doesn't have cakes). We had to go to play practice, so that was a little crummy, but then the rest of the day was nice. He took me over to Star Video to rent some movies (we get the brand new releases for free before they go out on the shelves, plus he can rent 2 a day of any movies except the new ones for free, plus you get a free rental of anything if it's your birthday) and we stocked up on a bunch...all for free!!!! (Robin, don't you wish you were here!?!) We spent the evening watching movies (some good, some not so good), eating tacos, getting "wasted" on soda, and relaxing. It was such a great day...I felt so special and loved all day!!! It really was one of the best birthdays I've ever had and it was all so simple and inexpensive...I guess it doesn't take much to please me!

Lately we've been super busy and I'm feeling all the stress on me. I've had lots of homework, tests, car problems (we found we had a flat tire, which we got fixed for free, but then the mechanic told us that our brakes are almost shot...they'll only last a couple more weeks), money stress, some medical concern, and I had to prepare and give a talk in church today. I guess it was too much stress for my body to handle because I got sick...again. I feel pretty crummy right now...sore throat, fever chills, body aches, stuffy get the idea. I guess I just have a really weak immune system or something because it sure seems like I've been getting sick a lot. I was like that in high school too, though...if I had a lot of homework and other business to do I'd end up getting sick. My body just can't handle it.

Well I suppose that's enough of an update. Despite all the stress, we're doing pretty good. We just keep on truckin'.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Just Relaxing

I love Saturdays!!! I just feel so relaxed and happy right now. I'm not stressed or tired or worried...just calm. I love having Stephen home with me!! Unfortunately he's a good excuse to keep me from getting my house-cleaning done :) He does have to work later tonight, so that will give me some time to get work done...and if I don't get everything perfectly cleaned, oh well, it's not the end of the least our home is happy!