Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Another Day

I love summer!!! I love the fact that I can work all day and come home without any homework hanging over my head. I can just come home and relax, or do house work, or whatever I feel like. It just feels so free and so much less stressful.

I've been putting in lots of hours at work, which isn't very fun for me but is very good for our bank account! The big bummer, though, is that I work all day and then Stephen works all night. Today, for example, I got to see him for about 15 minutes this morning, less than a half hour at lunch, and then another 15 minutes after I got home. Now he's working until they close tonight. Oh gives me lots of time to clean without any pleasant distractions or temptations to do something else :) So I guess that means I'd better get to cleaning!!

Lately I've been putting Stephen's box of photos into an album (putting them in order, etc.). That was the project I decided to take on from my last post. I had all the pictures done and put in chronological order and whatnot, and then I showed it to Stephen and he decided he wanted it done differently. He wanted a bunch of the pictures taken out and put in another album, and then the rest to be separated into 2 sections in the album. It has turned out to be a lot more work than I expected, but I enjoy it and I've been having fun!!

I've also been trying to be healthier...I've been making myself drink 4 bottles of water each day (I think that's about the recommended 8 cups), compared to my usual daily swallow or two of water. I've been doing great sticking to it, but tonight I'm a little behind...I still have 2 bottles to go. Needless to say...I've had to go to the bathroom A LOT!

We have one little problem here on the homefront...our lawnmower broke down. We can't get it to start or if it does it just putters weakly and then stops. Stephen has checked everything he can think of and replaced various parts, but to no avail. I think it's out of our hands now and we'll have to take it somewhere to be fixed. Another lovely expense :( We haven't been able to mow the lawn for a few weeks because of the rain, so it's already getting super long. Now we have to wait longer!

Other than that, things are going pretty well. We both did really well in our classes: all A's for me, and one A and two B's for Stephen (the B's were in the hardest classes he's taken; and we were just hoping he'd pass)!!! We celebrated by going out to lunch at Sergio's (our favorite Mexican restaurant here) with the cash we got from selling back some of our books. The last time we went, we started talking to the waiter/host guy in Spanish out of habit (because we both took Spanish this year). This time, he remembered us and just came up and started asking us our orders and everything in Spanish! It was so much fun, and it was kind of cool to realize that I understand a lot more than I thought I least enough to communicate pretty well!

Ok, I'd better feed Shadow and give Nellie some lettuce and then get back to my dishes!

Friday, June 22, 2007


i'm feeling so unmotivated today/ unmotivated that i don't even feel like using capital letters. i'm just not feeling very good...i'm a little sick to my stomach and just feeling a little depressed overall--not for any specific reason and not really anything serious, just a little down tonight. i don't want to do anything but lay on the couch or putz around on the computer. i have a bunch of dishes to wash and it's taken me hours to even get myself to start them (i'm happy to say i have made some progress...very little, but some). i called my mom earlier to cheer myself up and possibly find some motivation, and that helped some (that's what finally got me to work on the dishes and tidy up the house).

the cat has been really needy tonight and has kept crying for me to hold/pet him...i guess he's a little down tonight too. he's my little baby!

ok, let's change more dwelling on it all. today was the last day of school! YAY!!!!!! stephen and i have been very busy these last few weeks with papers and tests and finishing everything up. actually i was pretty much done with all my stressful stuff last week, but all stephen's stress came this week. it's nice to be done for the summer! no more homework and classes and plays to deal with, just work. i was glad and relieved to find out that my office has some budget money to pay me with this summer. i get paid through work-study during school, and i was afraid they wouldn't have enough money to keep me working during the summer when i don't get work-study. but it turns out they'll just find a way to squeeze enough out of the budget to let me keep working (which means i don't have to worry about finding a different job!). and to add to the good news, they've been scheduling me for more hours than usual, so i'll be making more money than usual. stephen's getting lots more hours at his job too, so we should be able to save up some moolah over summer!

i'm excited to be going down to fallon in a few weeks! stephen and i have two weddings this summer--my brother nathan in july, and stephen's brother matt in august. i can't wait!!!! not much else to say here...i've been working on organizing/filing papers and things, and i have all sorts of little projects/goals waiting for me:
  • a box full of important things to scrapbook (including all our wedding memory stuff)
  • a box of pictures stephen took years ago to put in a photo album (i LOVE putting together photo albums, but i've been restraining myself until school got out)
  • finish reading "macbeth" again (that's the play the college is doing this summer--we can't this time because we'll be gone to matt's wedding during performances--so i wanted to refresh my memory)
  • finish crocheting a baby blanket for sarah (my littlest niece)
  • start a blanket for the new niece/nephew on the way
  • come up with a meal plan
  • work on dieting and exercising (i think i've gained another 10 lbs; making susan a total of 20-25 lbs heavier than she was in high school...yuck!! ugh!!)
  • and, as always, clean the house

wow...i actually feel a lot better now! i love the healing power of writing!!! i am so excited for summer and the chance to work on all these things i haven't had time for. i just want to improve myself and relax and make my home a nicer place to be.

i now feel so incredibly...motivated!