Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Love February!

More and more, I'm falling in love with Valentine's Day and the whole month of February. Not so much because I want to give/receive V-day gifts or do anything special...I just love the look of this holiday. Any holiday that lets me decorate with and wear RED all month long is great in my book!!! I just love red!!! I don't really like the look of red and pink together, so Valentine's Day can sometimes bug me, but keep them separate and you'll keep me happy. Plus pink is a good color on me, so I get to look cute wearing pink this month too.

And I love the hearts as decorations too. The other day, one of my coworkers gave me a York Peppermint Patty and the whole thing was so cute. The wrapper had little pink hearts on it, the patty itself was in the shape of a heart, and the mint inside was pink instead of white! It totally made my day!!! I'm such a sucker for seasonal things like that.

I'm finding more and more that I like to dress and decorate for the seasons/holidays each month. I never thought I'd be like that, but I guess I'm more like my mom than I realized (I've even gone so far as contemplating making a wreath out of branches that I could change/add to each month to go with whatever season or holiday is going on...just like my mom had while I was growing up).


Alyssa said...

It is fun to get into the holidays! I'm not really big on decorating for or celebrating most holidays, but I was surprised how excited I was to decorate for Christmas this year! I was constantly looking in stores for Chirstmas decor and I was kind of sad we never got Christmas lights up. :)

Enjoy your Valentine's month!

Nancy said...

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day and all the holiday-ness that comes with it. You do sound like you might just be mom's child (like that's a surprise). Now its time for you to gear up for Easter!